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    ."I created Marlo for mothers like me”
    - Michelle


    Michelle Mikelsen is the story behind Marlo.
    She identifies with the bond created between mother daughter through a love of fashion. Her mother managed a fashion empire spanning 35 years, and her beloved grandmother was a designer and seamstress
    Michelle has herself already enjoyed a successful 15-year career in women’s fashion. She and her siblings launched and grew their family-owned label Ministry of Style to achieve local and international success. During this time many of her friends that were mothers said they wished there was a little girl’s label that also had beautiful fabrics and designs at accessable prices
    Now a mother herself, Michelle totally gets it, and has created Marlo for all the mummies like her (that means you!)
    Marlo gives a charismatic and effortlessly elegant experience to the little girls in your life
    Marlo gives a charming bohemian-luxe tone that reflects both sophistication and the ease of the Australian lifestyle
    Marlo gives you the pleasure of styling the little girls in your life
    We hope you enjoy Marlo, as much as she enjoys creating it