Collaboration and teamwork are the key drivers in our design process. From our in-house design team to our global partners, we co-create every collection and embrace and adapt to new ideas for innovation and change. 
As designers, we believe that luxury and style should be accessible, fun and part of your everyday. We believe that when children love and feel comfortable in their clothing, it boosts their confidence and sparks imagination, creativity, and joy. 
Our garments wouldn't exist if it weren't for the passion and dedication from our partners around the world. Marlo is dedicated to producing beautiful designs, with each and every stitch carefully crafted by our highly skilled and gifted team of artisans.
We lead with innovative practices, partnering with trusted makers around the world who share our vision for the future. The Marlo Kids team is actively committed to continually researching, evaluating and implementing new methods which will lead us to a more ethical, transparent, and resourceful business. As well as developing strong working relationships with our global teams, paying fair wages, fair working hours, we have made a conscious effort to also utilize off-cuts to create beautiful accessories. This is a journey and there is always room for improvement, we are constantly working to innovate and refine our ethical processes.
From our embroidered fabrications to our exclusive floral prints, the intricacies of our details is what makes our pieces truly special. Thanks to our high level of attention to detail, quality and craftmanship, each piece is lovingly created to weather the wear of playing, exploring and happy adventuring.
We choose only the finest quality fabrications, prints, embroideries and embellishments to ensure our stunningly adorable pieces are sturdy enough to pass down to siblings and friends, spreading cherished childhood memories far and wide for generations to come.
Love and care is poured into creating each piece from the design to the craftsmanship so that they will last a lifetime. This dedication is so that each cherished childhood memory and precious moment created while wearing it is everlasting. When you buy a Marlo piece, you’re buying more than just a garment, or accessory. You're buying a little bit of magic that will keep giving through all the special moments in your child's life.